Using Plugins

Psalm can be extended through plugins to find and fix domain-specific issues.

Using your own plugins

You can write your own Psalm plugins and reference them in your Psalm config.

Using Composer-based plugins

Composer-based plugins provide an easier way to manage and distribute your plugins.

Discovering plugins

Plugins can be found on Packagist by setting the package type filter to psalm-plugin or using the type=psalm-plugin query:

Installing plugins

composer require --dev plugin-vendor/plugin-package

Managing known plugins

Once installed, you can use psalm-plugin tool to enable, disable and show available and enabled plugins.

To enable the plugin, run psalm-plugin enable plugin-vendor/plugin-package. To disable it, run psalm-plugin disable plugin-vendor/plugin-package. psalm-plugin show (as well as bare psalm-plugin) will show you the list of enabled plugins, and the list of plugins known to psalm-plugin (installed into your vendor folder)